At Kroon Casino we take pride in creating a safe and secure environment for online casino entertainment. It is important for us to provide our players with the right tools and information to enjoy our casino games responsibly.

      Kroon Casino considers protecting players as much as possible as its social responsibility. Problematic gambling and addiction should be prevented. At Kroon Casino we play fair and responsible. We provide tips for responsible gaming and show notifications to our players to ensure their experience is fun and relaxing.

      Minimum age: 18 years

      When playing games of chance, there are certain risks involved. Therefore, the legal minimus age to play is 18 years. All players, also those legally allowed to play, need to be well-informed of the potential risks and potential addictive effect of games of chance.

      To optimise the well-being of our players, responsible gaming is an integral and essential part of our customer service policy. The options and features below are part of this policy.

      Play for free or with deposit limits

      All games offered by Kroon Casino can be enjoyed for free apart from the live casino games. Players do not need to deposit any money to enjoy our video slots and casino. Each individual player can select a deposit limit for a certain period of time. To cancel or increase deposit limits a cool down period of 24 hours applies. This enables players to consider consequences of their choice.

      Read our tips for responsible gaming

      There are certain moments when Kroon Casino strongly advices against playing online games of chance. Examples are playing whilst or after drinking alcohol or on moments when the sole purpose of playing is to win back any losses of the past.

      Kroon Casino provides players with tips and information about gambling addiction (see below). If you suspect that you are having troubles or if you know someone who is showing signs of addiction, please visit the local websites of social institutions for further information and guidance.

      Important guidelines for players

      To prevent yourself from developing any gambling problems or addiction or to regain controle over your gambling behaviour, Kroon Casino advices to play by the following guidelines:

      • Determine a budget in advance and stick to this budget at all times.
      • Never play under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other narcotic substances.
      • Never play when in need of distraction, for instance in order to forget any problems you may have.
      • Never play with the purpose of winning back earlier losses.

      Playing online casino games is a fun and enjoyable experience, when done responsibly.

      Features and tools to stay in control

      Kroon Casino offers its players several tools to stay in control over their gambling behaviour or to regain control when needed:

      1. Every player receives a notification after playing for 1 hour on our website. This message includes an overview of the total money betted up to that moment, the total winnings and the netto result.
      2. Every player can set its own deposit limit at Kroon Casino for the maximum amount of money he or she is willing to deposit over a certain period of time. This limit can only be changed or removed via our website. For questions about setting limits, please contact our support team.
      3. Self imposed limits can be altered or removed on request of a player, but only after a cooling down period of 24 hours. Requests to lower limits, block an account or to extend a blocking period, will be granted immediately at all times.
      4. Every player can block his or her account for a certain period or indefinitely. The latter can not be undone.

      Kroon Casino is aware of the symptoms of problem gambling. When problems are identified, players are contacted and informed about the options and tools we offer to prevent or solve problematic gambling behaviour.

      Important information sources on gambling addiction

      In case you suspect you are having gambling problems, you can find information online about how to get rid of these problems.